Why do you need Cycles?

With periodical overhead cost allocation, there are often some obstacles to overcome: For instance, the SAP allocation cycle data must to be transferred between Microsoft Excel and SAP in a very laborious way. The reason for this is that the allocations must be entered manually. This is very time consuming and also increases the chance of error and may result in data that is not sufficiently up-to-date. Moreover, controllers and data analysts often find it difficult to generate efficient structuring of the assessments and distributions in their Excel table due to the complexity of the data.

Customizing the SAP cycles and segments // quick & easy with Microsoft Excel

What advantages does Cycles offer?

What would you think if you were able to build a bridge between Excel and SAP?

Excel provides the familiar, popular and high-quality formulae and features. SAP is the higher-level solution for processes, postings, master data management and security. What could be more fitting than to combine the two? Cycles does exactly that. It connects Microsoft Excel with SAP. It is also:

Automated. Secure.

With the help of Cycles, the data exchange between SAP and Microsoft Excel must no longer be done manually, and can instead be done automatically in real-time via an intuitive front-end within SAP itself. In doing so, all SAP authorizations are taken into consideration, which means that every user has access to the data they are authorized to view in SAP. Before the data are brought back into SAP, our software performs strict checks. As such, the formal cycle testing is fully integrated. If the data are correct, you can export them back to SAP with the click of a mouse.

Efficient. Flexible.

Cycles offers you the option for collective processing. You can edit the settings for the filter, search/replace, copy, or import/export functions for several cycles at once. The documentation is also automated in connection with the export function.

Traceable. Understandable.

In order to track your revision history, the version history in Cycles offers you a unique insight into the history of your data.

SAP HANA-compliant.

Cycles can be used with both SAP R3 HANA and SAP S/4HANA. This way, you can make full use of the potential of future SAP technologies.

The key facts about Cycles, at a glance

Cycles offers advantages in the following areas of application:

  • Updating reference parameters with the help of Excel tools
  • Replacing assessment cost elements using search & replace
  • Moving segments from cycle to cycle
  • Creating & editing planning scenarios with minimal effort
  • Constructing cycles for various business areas following the same template (stepladder technique)
  • Editing senders or recipients in the event of reorganizational measures
  • Cross-system uploading if cycles are not transferred using the transmission method

Thanks to Cycles, you can pool and process the following SAP operations:

  • CCA assessment: KSU1, KSU2, KSU7, KSU8
  • CCA distribution: KSV1, KSV2, KSV7, KSV8
  • Indirect internal activity allocation: KSC1, KSC2, KSC7, KSC8
  • PCA assessment: 3KE1, 3KE2, 3KE7, 3KE8
  • PCA distribution: 4KE1, 4KE2, 4KE7, 4KE8
  • CO-PA assessment: KEU1, KEU2, KEU7, KEU8
  • Periodic CCA reposting: KSW1, KSW2, KSW7, KSW8
  • New General Ledger assessment: FAGLGA11, FAGLGA12, FAGLGA27, FAGLGA28
  • New General Ledger distribution: FAGLGA31, FAGLGA32, FAGLGA47, FAGLGA48

Cycles increases data quality in the following SAP operations:

  • CCA assessment: KSU5, KSUB
  • CCA distribution: KSV5, KSVB
  • Indirect internal activity allocation: KSC5, KSCB
  • PCA assessment: 3KE5, 3KEB
  • PCA distribution: 4KE5, 4KEB
  • CO-PA assessment: KEU5, KEUB
  • Periodic CCA reposting: KSW5, KSWB
  • New General Ledger assessment: FAGLGA15, FAGLGA2B
  • New General Ledger distribution: FAGLGA35, FAGLGA4B


  • Operating system: platform-neutral
  • Database system: Oracle™ Database or MS SQL Server™


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Interface: SAP GUI


  • Release: ECC 6.0 and later
  • Interfaces: Standard interfaces are supplemented with proprietary developed function modules while complying with the SAP security standards (certified by Virtual Forge)
  • Authorizations: different roles in SAP-CO will be accounted for

In 2015, Virtual Forge confirmed Cycles’ compliance with security guidelines and the BIZEC APP/11 standards. The BIZEC APP/11 standard is referenced in many guidelines, including the Best Practice guidelines for ABAP programming of the SAP user group (DSAG).

The Cycles package options

Cycles is provided in a basic version (basic package) that, as experience has shown, can be implemented within a day (standard installation). Moreover, Cycles also allows for customization (process package), such as the expansion of the CO-PA or New GL interface to include client-specific characteristics.


The basic package contains all of the key program functions required for visualization, analysis and processing of the SAP cycles.


The special process packages are equipped with numerous special functions for cost accounting or profitability analysis, as well as the New General Ledger.

How can you benefit from Cycles?

Our unique software solution, Cycles, allows you to complete periodical overhead cost allocation efficiently:

  • You can master and pool the SAP cycles, even with complex organizational structures, thereby creating transparency.
  • This way, you can maintain an overview of the SAP CO allocation structures (such as assessment, distribution, indirect activity allocation for the cost centers, internal order, WBS elements, Profit Centers, profitability assessments (CO-PA) or the New General Ledger) and you can analyze and process the cycles with the same ease and flexibility as is found with MS Office standards.
  • Thanks to Cycles’ interface technology, you can always work in an SAP-compliant way, thereby ensuring a high level of data quality.
  • Implement Cycles as an application for single or multiple workstations, with a flexible licensing model for 1 to 200 users. It is also possible to integrate Cycles into SAP CO-PA with client-specific characteristics.
  • Save up to 75% of your time with automated data transfer between Microsoft Excel and SAP and with the clear depiction of data in Microsoft Excel.
  • Be it for industry, the health sector, the financial sector, or energy providers — you can use Cycles regardless of the industry sector.


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