Excel Integration in SAP with Allevo

"Since the introduction of Allevo, we have profited from the many advantages of having our planning processes completely integrated into SAP. (...) Just one click and we can instantly see which of the areas of planning are in danger of experiencing time-related bottlenecks, and we can react accordingly."

Markus Ulrich, Head of Controlling at Bionorica SE

Why do you need Allevo?

When processing data with SAP and Microsoft Excel, Controlling and Accounting staff often face major challenges:

  • When manually transferring data from Microsoft Excel to SAP, there can often be transmission errors due to the high volume of data, which will result in a dataset that is lacking in quality.
  • Here, the two-fold data processing tasks also pose a challenge due to their time consuming nature. Time lost here often means that the data is no longer guaranteed to be up-to-date.
  • Moreover, all of the employees involved in the process must be trained so that they are able to both enter and read the data, which can cost additional time and money.
  • And finally, you want to offer your controllers a consistent and appealing user interface that makes planning easier and even a pleasure.
Controlling made simple // See how we can revolutionize your business planning process with SAP and Excel.

What benefits does Allevo offer?

Are you concerned about the topicality and quality of your controlling data?

Allevo, the planning tool from Kern AG, supports you in integrating your planning data from Excel automatically and reliably into SAP. Excel continues to deliver the well-known, popular and very good formulas and features. Thanks to the integration, SAP will continue to serve as a superior solution for processes, bookings, master data and security. This means Allevo enables you to benefit from the advantages of both programs by integrating your Excel planning into SAP.

User-friendly. Up-to-date.

In Allevo, several SAP requests can be visualized using an Excel front-end. To do this, Allevo launches Microsoft Excel and integrates the template into the SAP interface. Then, the planning processes can be executed and the values are transmitted to SAP.  

Reliable. SAP-compliant.

SAP continues to form the basis of the solution with all of the master data, authorizations and customization. Allevo does not need its own database or master data and does not require any additional user profiles. It provides the planning staff with all relevant actual data in real-time, and subsequently posts the planning values directly in SAP.

Allevo can be used with both SAP R3 HANA and SAP S/4HANA. This way, you can make full use of the potential of future SAP technologies.

Award-winning. Certified.

Even as early as in 2003, the International Controller Association recognized the added value of Allevo and awarded it first place in the "Planning Innovation of the Year" category. Allevo achieves top grades in terms of performance, programming and security – as confirmed by the Virtual Forge and SAP certifications.

Ready-to-use. Flexible.

Allevo is ready to use with the SAP versions ECC 6.0 and newer. Mobility is ensured with the web front-end version, Allevo Koodai. The data is all up-to-date thanks to the aggregation and analysis of the data within SAP itself. This removes the need to create and distribute Excel packages.

Allevo also offers the option to expand, i.e. additional functions or graphical elements can be included in the integration at any time. The Excel front-end is therefore customizable.

The most important Allevo facts at a glance

Allevo is used in the following fields in accounting and controlling.

In planning processes, such as:

  • Cost center planning
  • Balance sheet planning
  • P&L Planning
  • Order planning, Profit center planning
  • Planning of PSP elements
  • Investment planning
  • COPA-based sales planning

In side calculation in conjunction with business processes, such as:

  • Marketing activities
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Material calculations with resource planning for production

Would you like to optimize your personnel planning and plan more efficiently? Then Allevo HRC is exactly the tool you need. It enables you to:

  • Use clustering to define employee groups and create tailor-made calculation models for efficient workflows in Excel. The employee-based input mask enables efficient input through automatic presentation, FTE dependency and much more. This input mask is configured in SAP (no programming required!).
  • Easily import old plans with the help of the Excel import function or as an SAP-HR user by downloading from Infosets.
  • Plan reliably with features that allow you to change the cost center affiliation of employees or of entries and exits (also anonymously for planned personnel increases or decreases). Up-to-date accuracy is guaranteed at all times by accounting for changes in collective salary agreements, outside influences (e.g. inflation) or legal framework conditions.
Allevo HRC – The personnel planning software for efficient resource planning
Allevo HRC – The personnel planning software for efficient resource planning

In actual postings in accounting and controlling, such as:

  • when recording and posting G/L documents
  • In internal activity allocation
  • when recording statistical key figures

When managing the master data, e.g.:

  • Cost centers
  • Profit centers
  • Investment programs
  • Cost elements
  • Activity types
  • Statistical key figures
  • Client orders

Why do you need Navigation?

In controlling, a complex Excel file can be very difficult to read: Multi-year planning, possibly with monthly data as well, can lead to many columns. In turn, the many cost elements can result in a high number of rows in Excel. Excel files also often contain additional calculations. As such, it is very easy to lose track of an Excel file if it contains a large volume of data.


What advantages does Navigation offer?

With Allevo Navigation, you can define your own custom views (i.e. data excerpts or a certain combination of rows and columns) at any time and make them available to all users permanently. It is possible to have an annual overview or a monthly overview, to have a view of certain cost elements instead of all cost elements, or views showing your preferred detail planning elements. You can assign the icon of your choice to each view saved. This means it will be available with the click of a button.


How can you benefit from Navigation?

You and other planning staff can find your way around a file more quickly, even with large volumes of data. This will prevent you of losing track of the data and you will have a sense of security when performing analyses, as the focus will be on the essential information.

Why do you need Splasher?

If you wish to plan precisely down to the month or quarter, an associated annual value is usually required as well. In Excel, the interaction of monthly and annual values can only be ensured with a formula, which will only ever work in one direction (either a sum formula for the annual value or a fixed division formula for the months).

In professional controlling, you will soon reach the limits for your planning activities and will need to adapt the file, either manually or using individual formulae.


What advantages does Splasher offer?

Splasher is an Allevo application that divides a total value into certain periods – e.g. an annual value of €24,000 over 12 months. You can also define division rules in Splasher that suit your season model perfectly – some typical cases of this include:

  • linear
  • in relation to existing values
  • based on a distribution curve, derived from statistical key figures, for example

By the way: The Splasher can also handle “more than a year”: As such, you can also divide the total value over quarters or 18 months. Or you can splash the total value of a cost element group across its members.


How can you benefit from Splasher?

Splasher is a highly flexible Allevo application that works without a system of formulae. The division of annual values over months is one example of the many possible areas of application. We designed Splasher in a way that allows you to define the distributions yourself. Now, you will be able to complete tasks that you are unable to complete in a standard Excel system, due to the issue of circular references.

In order to perfectly optimize your business processes, you can use two different Allevo user interfaces, and even combine them both: Koodai and Junan.

With the help of Allevo Koodai, an intuitive web interface is created that communicates bidirectionally with SAP, as does Allevo Junan. This way, you can work in an SAP-compliant way without having to access SAP itself. 

You can also customize the design and functional elements of your web front-end using your own style template. This makes Allevo Koodai highly superior to standardized concepts. Comprehensive browser functionality, such as search functions and the option to copy the page contents, make Allevo Koodai a popular web alternative. You will always be working in a platform-neutral manner, which means that you can access Allevo Koodai from a range of devices. Another benefit: Its performance and speed is significantly higher than the offline versions.

On the other hand, with Allevo Junan, you can fully integrate Microsoft Excel into your SAP system, with all of its flexibility and its many functions. Effectively, you will replace the SAP interface with an Excel interface. Another advantage of Allevo Junan, is that you can customize and adapt all of your business processes, your calculation model, as well as the visual presentation of your information and messages.

Does your company have complex processes that involve several interrelated operations? Do you also have simpler processes that must be able to be viewed by a large number of users? If so, then combining Allevo Koodai and Allevo Junan would be the perfect choice for you:

  • Allevo Junan, the Excel version for tasks with challenging calculation models,
  • Allevo Koodai, the web version, for when your SAP processes are to be made accessible to multiple users.

Technical information about Allevo

  • Server: No proprietary server, runs on SAP
  • Client: Microsoft Excel (2010 or later) with a custom template
  • SAP: from SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA

You can find more information about the Allevo architecture here.

Allevo architecture

Allevo Studio — Documentation in SAP

Time consuming documentation in external programs is a thing of the past. With Allevo Studio, you integrate the documentation for your users directly in the SAP system and start the processes with just one click. Find out more in our short video.

With Allevo Studio the SAP documentation is fully under control.
Virtual Forge - Certificate
Virtual Forge - Certificate
(Heidelberg, April 27, 2020)

Virtual Forge has once again confirmed that our SAP software extension Allevo complies with the security guidelines. With this we assure our customers that we always follow the current quality standards regarding security and compliance when developing and programming our software solutions.

How can you benefit from Allevo?

Allevo offers an efficient interface between Microsoft Excel and SAP:

  • Thanks to the manageable and automated data processing, you can increase the productivity of your processes and staff.
  • The integration into SAP guarantees your company the highest level of data quality and also provides professional data protection.
  • Due to the complete integration of Excel into SAP, you will not require any additional databases or servers and you will not need to make any changes to the clients or perform installations.
  • You will have a custom planning interface that your employees will really enjoy using.


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