NABU South Baden

Our sponsorship for the nature conservation station Taubergießen

The Taubergießen nature reserve, located on the Upper Rhine between Schwanau and Rheinhausen, is one of the largest nature reserves in Baden-Württemberg with a length of over 12 km. The alluvial forest landscape with its branching Old Rhine watercourses offers a variety of habitats for animals and insects that live there, such as the cormorant, the rhinoceros beetle or plants, such as rare orchid species that grow there. As a recreational area, the Taubergießen also offers hikers and nature enthusiasts the opportunity to marvel at it on numerous hiking trails or by canoe or boat tour. 

Kern AG is very pleased to support NABU Südbaden since December 2020 with a sponsorship to protect this unique floodplain forest landscape and thus secure the habitat for animals and plants.

Date 21.12.2020


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