S/4HANA with Allevo & Cycles

Does it work?

Yes, of course!

Since 2015, the SAP Software S/4HANA has been on the market. This ERP suite contains innovations such as digitized processes in finance and the efficient control of product life cycles.

However, the promise of S/4HANA - high performance and faster processes - has its price. Today, many companies use third-party applications to implement business-critical processes efficiently and effectively. These solutions complement the functionalities of SAP ERP. Our applications Allevo and Cycles also bring creative solutions to the table. Allevo connects the Excel world with the SAP world effectively and with minimal effort. Cycles brings clarity to periodic allocations and makes the maintenance of SAP cycles a simple matter.


Companies that have switched to S/4HANA (or want to) now face the challenge that third-party applications are not compatible with S/4HANA and can no longer be used. This means that they are faced with both an immediate loss of function and an expensive conversion effort.

For our SAP solutions Allevo and Cycles, however, we can ease your worries and give you the guarantee of confidence that our applications will continue to be fully compatible with S/4HANA in the future. We have been confirming this for years with all customers who have already converted. This applies without restriction to our latest version Allevo 4.0, to the established version Allevo 3.5 and also to Cycles.

Take note: In the near future we will reveal more about Allevo 4.0. You can expect powerful new features and you will see that we now support even more business functions, make more business processes efficient and that Allevo 4.0 will make your business even more profitable.


Do you have any questions or are you interested in converting to Allevo 4.0? Please get in touch with us!

Contact Person: Christian Malz, Send an email, +49 (761) 791 878-197

S/4Hana mit Allevo und Cycles
Date 01.10.2019


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