The Architecture of Allevo

Excel integrated into SAP

Allevo is an SAP-based solution that integrates Microsoft Excel into SAP.

  • Front-end: Allevo Koodai as a web interface or Allevo Junan with an Excel interface integrated into SAP.
  • Template: The Allevo Master as an Excel template.
  • SAP: The Allevo Engine with SAP-integrated ABAP programs, functions and transactions.

The Allevo Engine is the foundation of Allevo. It consists of ABAP programs, transactions and functions, which we have developed in ABAP (SAP’s programming language). As such, all SAP-specific data, authorizations, processes and functions in Allevo are also part of the Allevo Engine.

In order to be able to use Allevo for the first time in your company, all you need is an SAP transport order with the Allevo Engine and the Excel template. This transport order will import your SAP basis into the SAP system. Allevo will usually be available as early as two hours after this has been done. The record stands at 30 minutes.


Requirements for working with Allevo

You need authorization for the Allevo transactions and an additional authorization for S_PROGRAM. If you have these authorizations, then Allevo will be available with all of the SAP-side features and you can start working on your project. Other preparatory work, such as building a database, setting up servers, installing applications for clients, changes to the SAP customization or even modifications to the SAP system will not be necessary, as Allevo uses the existing infrastructure of your SAP system.

The Allevo Master is your most powerful tool, which you can use to optimize usability, while also organizing efficient business processes. The Allevo Master is an Excel template, which our consultants will help you set up for your first project, but later, you will be able to manage it independently. The goal is to design the template to create an interface that assists the user in recording information (planning data, actual data or master data), structures their processes strategically and guides them with intuitive menus.

When working on the Allevo Master, the aim is to design one or more formulae for recording, allocation and calculation of data. In doing so, you will always be using the familiar Excel formulae, formats and functions. It serves as a copy template for the SAP-integrated Excel interface (Allevo Junan) and as a prototype for the design of the web interface (Allevo Koodai). That’s why the Allevo Master does not contain any master data or transactional data — they are found in SAP and will stay there.


Countless options

Here, we speak of the Allevo Master in the singular. However, in practice, there can be one or more.

You can decide for yourself (with our help, if you wish) about the number of Allevo Masters and their different designs. The only benchmark for evaluation is your expectation of the optimal mapping and control of your business processes. To help you find your optimal setup more easily, the number of Allevo Masters is not a consideration in the licensing criteria.

The Allevo Master(s) are highly valuable and form the crux between the SAP standards and the Allevo Engine on the posting side and the process-specific tasks on the user side.

Allevo Junan is the flexible Excel interface that has been integrated into the SAP GUI. You can launch Allevo Junan from within SAP with an Allevo transaction. When executing the transaction, Allevo copies the Excel template (the Allevo Master) and completely integrates the copy of the master into the SAP GUI as a planning template.

With its SAP-integrated Excel front-end, Allevo Junan has established itself on the market since 2003. You could also consider the traditional version of Allevo.

Over the years, three forms of the Allevo Junan application have been implemented that all have one thing in common — the user works using an Excel front-end that receives their active data in four steps:

  1. Login in SAP
  2. Launch an Allevo transaction
  3. The Allevo Engine copies the Allevo Master
  4. The Excel interface this creates is populated with data from SAP

The different forms of Allevo Junan therefore do not differ in principle, only in the way in which the data is derived from the Allevo Master, i.e. the copied Excel interface, is presented to the user.

Allevo Workplace

Allevo Workplace is the Excel interface embedded in SAP (or in the SAP GUI). In SAP jargon, this is known as the Excel Inplace view. In fact, it is entirely fundamental technology offered by SAP in many operations.

Allevo Workplace exceeds the SAP standard in that you can design your SAP-integrated Excel interface to suit your own requirements. In practice, you will work your preferences regarding the order of rows and columns, the colors, formats, formulae and macros into the Allevo Master. Upon launching, Allevo copies this master and integrates it into the SAP interface as Excel Inplace. Subsequently, Allevo retrieves the data directly from SAP and transmits it to the SAP-integrated Excel front-end.

In simple terms, Allevo Workplace serves as your own custom workplace within the SAP GUI.


Allevo Workbook

The Allevo Workbook is an Excel file that, to a certain extent, can be derived directly from the Allevo Workplace and used offline with the "Save as" function in Excel.

In fact, in the SAP-integrated Excel interface, the user can press F12 in Excel (for "Save as"), thereby saving the Excel interface as an Excel file. The user can use an Allevo Workbook created in this way to do their work, even without an online connection to SAP. Once the work is complete, this Excel file can be reuploaded to the SAP GUI. Then, the Allevo Workbook will be turned into an Allevo Workplace.

SAP postings are conducted exclusively via the bidirectional connection between SAP and the Workplace.


ABC – Allevo Business Client

The Allevo Business Client ("ABC") replaces the SAP GUI with a custom front-end we have developed for using Allevo. We developed ABC using the .NET programming language. This means that you have the option to design your own user interface and menu navigation that can increase usability compared with the SAP GUI.

The ABC is a standalone program that you can launch outside of SAP. Upon launching, our program asks for your SAP login data and based on your SAP-compliant authorizations, it will establish a bidirectional connection between SAP and the ABC.

Like with Allevo Workplace and Allevo Workbook, the ABC presents the user with an Excel interface that is an automatically generated copy of the Allevo Master.

Allevo Koodai is a web-based front-end and works somewhat differently than Allevo Junan.

You can launch the desired process from within your web browser. There, you can complete your cost center planning, for example. Alternatively, your employees can record the transaction data for actual postings and basic data for changing the master data within Allevo Koodai’s web front-end.

Allevo Koodai asks for your login information for the SAP system or logs you directly into SAP in the Single-Sign-On mode. The web front-end will continue to serve as your workspace, and the Allevo Engine manages the bidirectional communication between the browser and SAP.

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