Kern AG can give you comprehensive modern software solutions for optimizing financial business processes, from internal accounting, right up to logistics from and with SAP ER. Deichmann, Peek & Cloppenburg, Siemens, WMF, Kneipp, LSG Sky Chefs and ADAC, global corporations and mid-sized companies in industry, services, or the public service sector — all users of our applications have reported significant to high gains made in terms of process and data quality, productivity and efficiency.

Success Stories

Fruit Growers Supply Company

Allevo at Fruit Growers Supply Company

With Allevo, FGS was able to reduce th eir planning cycle time by more than half.

Organized in 1907 by the members of California Fruit Growers Exchange (now Sunkist Growers), Fruit Growers Supply Company, aka FGS, has grown along with the West's citrus production providing Sunkist Growers and others the materials and items required to grow, harvest, package and ship citrus.

With its own carton manufacturing plant and seven Operation Centers which feature central buying and warehousing capabilities, Specialized Ordering and Custom Design Irrigation Departments, FGS’ business – and their financial planning and reporting needs – are correspondingly challenging and complex. [...]

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Allevo at CarlisleIT

With Allevo, CarlisleIT was able to reduce their planning cycle time by 60 – 65%.

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a $3.6 billion globally diversified company that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products. One of its largest divisions, CarlisleIT operates at 12 locations worldwide, manufacturing high performance interconnect solutions for the commercial aerospace, military and defense electronics, industrial, test & measurement and medical industries. While most of their plants run SAP, two are still on Hyperion. [...]


Allevo at Bionorica SE

More significance, speed and transparency

Bionorica SE, a worldwide leading manufacturer of herbal medicines, is standardizing and consoli-dating the annual budget cost planning using the Excel-based Allevo solution integrated in SAP and in this way can perform the planning quickly, reliably and transparently. [...]

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