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Controlling made simple

SAP Planning Made Smarter

The Excel-based application that integrates directly with SAP


Better decision making

The controller can be a controller again.
Spend more time analyzing, and understanding your data to make decisions about the directions of your budgets and allocations. 


No more tedious reconciliation

Monitor the development of your budgeting and planning cycle on the basis of standard SAP results.
Gain control to intervene at any stage without interrupting the budgeting process.


Less administrative work

Your team will no longer need to spend time creating and sending innumberable Excel files, transferring and verifying data in SAP and Excel, or aggregating and analyzing results in redundant databases or Excel files.


Flexible planning and forecasting

Make modifications to your budget throughout the planning cycle.
Even make adjustments close to the end of your fiscal year.

Allevo revolutionizes your controlling

When it comes to data quality and the intelligent depiction of business processes, SAP ERP is a market leader for all standard business solutions. On the final lap, SAP regularly weakens the user and regularly ousts the user from the system.
Microsoft Excel, on the other hand, is popular for its formulae, formats, validities, macros etc., but also represents a risk factor in the case of large data volumes and the overall control of business processes.
What could be better than combining the strengths of these leading applications of the business world, in order to eliminate these weaknesses?
This is precisely what we aim to do: With our Allevo solution, we combine SAP ERP and Microsoft Excel. The basis is formed by SAP ERP, as this is where the organizational units, business processes, postings and data are depicted as comprehensively as they are reliably. The frontend is Microsoft Excel, which is wonderful and perfect for setting up calculation models in practice. Allevo ‘only’ ensures that both strong applications are closely connected and communicate with each other.

Increase in Efficiency and Quality

Allevo offers you exciting opportunities to integrate your business processes into the SAP world. The numerous features of Allevo open up a whole new dimension for planning processes, actual allocations and master data management in and with SAP.
Allevo is very good value and is ready to go in a flash, as no new software or hardware is necessary. Microsoft Excel, SAP ERP and a SAP transport order suffice – the project work is then ready to go. Right from the day of installation, you will see just how flexible Allevo is and how well it works with SAP.

  • Optimizing business processes: With Allevo, you can create optimum business processes by integrating the technical knowledge modeled in Excel into SAP ERP.
  • Reducing costs: With Allevo, you can eliminate all quality risks that previously resulted in high non-productive costs, as errors needed to be found, as unreliability does nothing but create unnecessary stress due to the work required to avoid harm to reputation.
  • Increasing productivity: With Allevo, you can increase the efficiency of users by taking care of time-consuming repetitive tasks. Assist your users with intuitive and sophisticated work interfaces, on which you can perform your SAP work at high quality and above all securely.

Your internal customers do not want to dwell on supposed side issues such as planning, actual postings or master data. Give them what they want – quickly, reliably and transparently.

The Devil May Be in the Details, But There’s Power There Too

Allevo connects Microsoft Excel and SAP ERP. “SAP standard already has that”, do I hear you say? To begin with, you are right, and Allevo actually works so reliably because it uses SAP’s own basic functions for Excel integration.
Within this SAP standard, however, you can achieve much more by going beyond the minimalism of monothematic, flat Excel lists. Instead, you can model an Excel environment for many topics – plan, actual, details, master data, reporting – as well as for many users, for the utmost in quality and efficiency and explicitly in line with your actual requirements.

Discover the Various Possibilities of Allevo


As Kern AG’s team, we are card-carrying fans of SAP ERP. With Allevo, it is in response to our real-life experiences that Microsoft Excel is preferred over any other planning system in planning practice across the globe. Above all, we demonstrate with Allevo that SAP ERP and Excel are in no way in competition, but rather complement each other perfectly and can even be merged together.

Guaranteed success

This connection can be established very quickly without any change to SAP customizing being required, with all features of SAP ERP and Microsoft Excel remaining fully available.

Performance features

The practical consequences of this combination are comprehensive, as you can use the customized Excel interface connected directly with SAP to allow

  • All manually executable SAP transactions (e.g., transactions for planned and actual postings in internal and external accounting)
  • On every planning level (a year, several years, monthly or quarterly data in one or more years or otherwise assigned by time and version)
  • Beyond all SAP objects (cost centers, orders, WBS elements, business processes, profit centers, features of financial statements; organizational units in FI, SD and MM)
  • Individually, jointly or in other combinations
  • To be recorded and (where necessary, with interim testing and approval processes) posted by your users directly in SAP ERP.

Your Special Topic


Allevo Planning

Revenue, cost and activity planning with Allevo 


Allevo Actual

Optimize actual bookings and maximize their quality


Allevo HRC

Efficient personnel planning and controlling


Allevo Architect

Create and manage SAP master data

Use the tools you already have:
SAP + Excel.

Allevo helps you quickly make sense of your SAP budgeting data to build scenarios and provide insights that help your team make confident decisions. 

  • Flexible design.
    Customize the layout of the Excel template.
  • Maximize SAP.
    Allevo runs on all SAP releases.
  • No technical rollout.
    Allevo doesn't require any new software.  Installation is done within a few hours.
  • Installation by experts.
    Our consultants have been building SAP tools for more than 25 years.

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