Cycles Transfer

Our solution Cycles helps you to manage your period-end closing easily. As a customizing tool it is one of its kind on the market, giving you the opportunity to navigate through your period allocation interactively with just a few clicks. In combination with the many possibilities offered by the software, Cycles provides a quick overview in only one table view, saves times and creates a completely new quality in the application.



User-friendly. Efficient.

  • Combining the settings granted in the SAP system into a clear presentation – the Kern table
  • Higher transparency in allocation structures
  • Zoom deep into the details and navigate
  • Quicker identification and rectification of weak points
  • Realtime correction of results allows strategic decisions to be made at an early point in time

Higher Quality Presentation.

  • Greater transparency for period-end closing
  • Sophisticated layout and visual enhancement of results
  • Better communication increases the quality of reporting

More Time for Operating Activities.

  • Preparation for period-end closing can be completed in a fraction of the time it used to take



Our SAP Add-On Cycles was certified by Virtual Forge. The certification program contains an assessment of the ABAP code based on the BIZEC APP/11 standard. Among others, this standard  includes ABAP programming best practices from the SAP community (DSAG).

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