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Cycles Step-by-Step

Cycles provide clarity to the allocation structure

The preparation and presentation of period allocations with SAP cycles – assessment, distribution as well as the indirect allocation of planned and actual activities – is an exceptionally complex undertaking that to date has taken up a lot of time. Three or even four cycles with a low number of segments is still no problem. Ten or fifteen cycles, each with multiple segments, make matters even more interesting. Twenty and more cycles – this is when it becomes particularly exciting, with the transparency, understandable documentation, adjustment to changes in the company and finally communicating what has actually happened.

Our solution Cycles help you to manage your period-end closing easily.

As a customizing tool it is one of its kind on the market, giving you the opportunity to navigate through your period allocation interactively with just a few clicks. Cycles refer to the assignment of cost allocation sheets for allocation. Traditionally, the cost centers are displayed in columns and the cost elements in rows. This perspective expands cycles by also recording the other CO objects of the cycles – orders, business processes, WBS elements, profit centers, features of financial statements – in the columns. As cost elements, activities and statistical management ratios in principle only differ by units – values in currency units; quantities in hours, weight, number –, cycles orders this dimension into rows. In combination with the many possibilities offered by the software, this allocation provides a quick overview in only one table view, saves times and creates a completely new quality in the application.

SAP Cycles are an Island – We Perform the Transfer

Through cycles, we raise the allocation logic to an ergonomically and visually appealing interface, that can do something special: Have fun and save a lot of money at the same time.

Improved Overview

  • Combining the settings granted in the SAP system into a clear presentation – the Kern table
  • Higher transparency in allocation structures
  • See at a glance: Who is sending what to where and who receives what from whom?
  • Zoom deep into the details and navigate
  • Quicker identification and rectification of weak points
  • Realtime correction of results allows strategic decisions to be made at an early point in time

Higher Quality Presentation

  • Greater transparency for period-end closing
  • Sophisticated layout and visual enhancement of results
  • Better communication increases the quality of reporting

More Time for Operating Activities

  • Preparation for period-end closing can be completed in a fraction of the time it used to take


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The certification program includes an assessment of the ABAP code based on the BIZEC APP/11 standard. BIZEC is a consortium of leading SAP security experts, SAP customers and auditors that establishes an independent security standard for SAP systems. Among others, the BIZEC APP/11 includes ABAP programming best practices from the SAP community (DSAG).


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