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Do you want to put human resources planning into the hands and area of responsibility of the employees that best know (and have to consider) which human resources they require for the transactions of the following planning periods?
As Human Resources Controller, do you want to be able to exploit your common sense and practical experience in order to obtain reasonable approximations for plausible planning data that can be utilized in subsequent processes?
You want to make human resources planning for internal customers as easy as possible with inviting, easy to operate interfaces and acquire the precise information you require for robust planning?

Guaranteed success

“Allevo HRC” meets precisely this demand and was developed by and with HR controllers with many years of experience. “Allevo HRC” reduces the process costs and the process time of human resources planning in the first planning periods by at least 50 %. Our planning software gives you the freedom to independently establish and optimally control your controlling-oriented human resources planning under the conditions of data protection, data reliability (FTE, head count, direct costs and those derived via Excel formulae etc.), quick availability of results as well as user acceptance.

  • Cluster: Differentiation of employee groups, individual level of detail
  • Movements: FTE or cost changes at the cost center
  • Transfers: Control of changes of cost centers
  • Foundation: Aggregation of employee groups
  • Reporting: Tables, charts, pivots; anonymization through foundations and movements; scenarios through flexible versions and batch processing

Performance features

The performance features of “Allevo HRC” come directly from the pens of practical and pragmatic HR controllers.
“Allevo HRC” combines the flexibility that “Allevo Planning” is known for, with the experience that we have gained from the cooperation of and with practitioners. In addition, “Allevo HRC” combines the search for systematic planning rules and functions with the requirement of being able to operate customer processes in a customer-oriented manner.
“Allevo HRC” sets a sensible, configurable standard for the planning process in “human resource controlling”.


The frontend consists of an Excel template (master) and offers a planning interface that can be designed to a high degree of customization.

Monthly planning

Human resources planning takes place consistently on a monthly basis, either for each individual employee or representatively on the level of employee groups.

Individual business logic

Plan management ratios such as FTE or headcounts. Determine user-defined cost elements or wage types for planning. These can be given formula-based dependencies in a “formula layer”. Map your business logic in such a way that things can be defined differently for each employee group.


Views are generated automatically from the formula layer, which are displayed to the planner as a convenient input form within the Excel file.

Movements and Transfers

Record external movements of personnel (settings, terminations) at the cost center as “movements”. Internal movements of personnel, that is, movements from cost center to cost center, are supported as “transfers” with workflow function (send log, acknowledgement of receipt etc.).

Import and Copy Features

Import HR master data from your HR system via a file upload into the dataset of Allevo HRC. Use the flexible copy function to replace planning data with current actual values.

Processing in SAP CO

Transfer the results of detailed human resources planning to SAP (cost centers, cost elements, activity types, statistical management ratios) immediately or, where necessary, manually and at a different time.

Change Management

Change your planning assumptions subsequently; process all data centrally and consistently.

SAP integration

“Allevo HRC” uses SAP standard authorizations and offers you an additional authorization system. In accordance with this concept, you can differentiate between the access rights and the planning scope of your users where necessary and with reference to cost elements, cost centers, employee groups and processes (planning, administration etc.).
Of course, SAP standards such as period and object blocks etc. are observed and used.

HRC Reporting

For the purpose of analysis, refer to the planning details and the actual values imported in accordance with your authorization logic. An Excel-based tool is available for this purpose.

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