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In your company, is there a number of actual processes for which the posting data cannot be recorded, checked, approved and posted automatically for technical or objective reasons? These processes are then mostly depicted systematically in Excel lists. Do you not want the results of these lists to be transferred manually into FI actual transactions (e.g., G/L account posting with FB01), into CO actual transactions (e.g., activity allocation with KB21n) or into other actual transactions (SD, MM, PM, etc.)?
SAP ERP and products of third party providers offer excellent applications for the digitalization of documents, e.g., incoming invoices, electronic data transfer (EDI Fact) or time recording with allocation of activities (Catts). These instruments utilize and strengthen SAP-internal processes of recording, checking, approval and posting of actual data.
Kern AG does not make any of its own contributions to these automated business processes. With “Allevo Actual”, you turn to posting processes that lie between the automatic processing of mass data and isolated manual logging.
Excel is often the tool of choice for these business processes. Although this posting data makes up between 5 and 10 % of actual goings on, their quality risk, costs and time taken are disproportionately high in practice.
Allevo Actual uses the direction connection of Excel and SAP ERP instead of recording outside of SAP and manual transfer. That is why “Allevo Actual” is the perfect tool for companies that wish to completely eliminate the critical potential of such business processes, giving specialist users the greatest degree of flexibility and minimize process costs.

Guaranteed success

“Allevo Actual” guarantees that you reach the three ultimate goals of reliability, flexibility and efficiency. The tried-and-tested principle used in many companies in a planning context since 1994 of completely connecting Microsoft Excel with SAP ERP is applied consistently.

Performance features

Posting Processes

With Allevo Actual, you can manage the following actual postings and actual processes in the blink of an eye.

  • FI Processing: Inventory accounts, suppliers, accounts receivable, systems
  • CO Processing: Posting changes, activity allocations, statistical management ratios
  • LO Processing (Logistic): Customer order, purchase requisition

Quality Assurance

“Allevo Actual” is an exceptionally secure tool, as the quality techniques typical for actual postings, such as dedicated authorization checks, double verification principle, four-stage process (recording, checking, approval, posting), posting simulation, cancellation etc., form the centerpiece of the application.

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