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Revenue, cost and activity planning with Allevo


The connection of Microsoft Excel and SAP ERP lifts the restrictions of SAP transactions set by components and modules and gives the Controller the freedom to design planning as it actually is: The most sophisticated, important and appealing business process in accounting.

Guaranteed success

Through the use of “Allevo Planning”, you can reduce the process costs of planning by at least 50 % in the first year, while at the same time increasing planning quality and significantly reducing planning duration. You can free yourself from the burden of data overloads, relieve the previously prevailing pressure to meet deadlines, and therefore gain time and creative freedom, which you can use to develop and provide meaningful and valid results.

Performance features

Allevo Planning uses all of the transactions and functions for the modeling of planning processes as well as the posting of planning data offered by SAP ERP. The range of applications is huge and supports the following processes among others:

  • Main Planning: Cost elements, statistical management ratios, activity types, activity input, related to and independent of performance, on an annual and monthly basis
  • Specialist Planning: Invest, Travel, Maintenance, Marketing any other specialist planning that can be modeled in Excel
  • Multi: Dynamic planning of many objects, over one or more worksheets
  • Tools: Splasher (bidirectional data distribution over multiple hierarchy levels), Navigation (menu control, show/hide rows and columns intelligently, jumping in the spreadsheet and between worksheets), Protection (cell protection depending on intelligent rules)

Planning Objects

Do you want to plan cost centers, orders, WBS elements, business processes, profit centers and the features of financial statements? With “Allevo Planning”, you can handle each CO planning object named individually, as a group, in a hierarchy tree, in a long list with many objects of the same type or in a user-defined mixed composition of many objects of different object types.

Planning Layouts

Do you separate cost of materials planning and human resources planning? Do you want to guide users through planning on a topic-specific basis using different user interfaces? In the forecast (estimate, projection), the projected figures can be recorded at another aggregation level than the budget, e.g., cost element group instead of cost element. For planning topics differentiated between based on subject, time-related or other criteria, you can compile individual Allevo layouts, each of which can be combined with an Allevo Master. Allevo Masters are Excel templates, in which you can compile the topic-specific calculation model with fast-moving Excel techniques (formulae, formats, validities, macros).


Do you want to know what users feel about their projected figures and are requesting comments on this subject? “Allevo Planning” passes on all planning comments written in Excel to SAP ERP and stores them there permanently. It is easy to incorporate this information into your SAP reporting and therefore be able to track or evaluate the development of projected figures and comments over years or multiple plan versions.

Agenda and Status Management (“Allevo Toolbox”)

Do you want to control your planning process in a targeted way, follow up the status of planning objects and stop or reset the planning process at an appropriate point in time? Do you want to be able to differentiate between plan versions, planning layouts (planning topics) and planning objects?

In the agenda, you can define and order tasks that the user needs to process during their planning phase. You can define an individual agenda for each user. You can, however, assign the same agenda to a group of users with the same duties.

During the planning phase, you can control and follow up on the handling status of planning objects via status management. A central Controller or, alternatively, your division controllers open up planning with status 1, view the users’ subsequent planning stages, wraps up planning or resets the status for revision.

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