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Imagine that your specialists are planning a large engineering project (plant engineering and construction, industry, real estate, infrastructure etc.) over two or three hierarchy levels. This project and its WBS elements did not exist in the SAP system during the planning phase, however. Approved positions can only be applied and classified as an SAP project or WBS element following approval, however.
Or you are planning capital investment measures and internal orders should be created from approved positions after approval.

Guaranteed success

With “Allevo Architect”, you can even plan the future! It derives the type, features and characteristics of the (future) basic information developed in the planning process from satellite tables and creates the new master data automatically.
The time and work saved on the one hand and the increase in quality on the other are enormous. Depending on the current process and the number and complexity of the objects to be created, your process costs will be reduced by 50 to 90 %.

Performance features

Allevo Architect allows the following SAP master data to be created automatically:

  • CO: Cost centers, internal orders, cost elements, activity types, statistical management ratios, business processes
  • PS: Projects, WBS elements
  • IM: Required measures
  • FI: Inventory accounts, suppliers, accounts receivable, systems

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