With our team of developers (ABAP, .Net, VBA, Java) and consultants (SAP ERP, Excel), we are one of the world’s leading providers of Controlling solutions with SAP.

Our unique selling points – the complete integration of Excel and SAP into Allevo, transparency and ease when customizing periodic allocations with Cycles, the flexibility and precision of SparkShapes in the visualization of business figures – make us a process and efficiency-oriented company worldwide.

From global corporations such as PWC, Adidas, Bayer CropScience or Bosch, hidden champions such as Bitzer, Eckart, Knauf or TÜV Süd, and industrial, public services or service companies – we are in the heart of things, as you will soon be. The most challenging tasks in terms of human resources and work require effort and concentration, courage and conviviality, as well as a commitment to perfection and tolerating mistakes.

Supported and assisted by your supervisors and colleagues, you can master challenges and, at the same time, grow professionally and personally, as well as benefit from the characters of colleagues and customers alike.

The key to Kern AG’s success is its employees, who work hard every day to meet our customers’ goals. Equally important are the customers’ project planners, which happily involve us in your work in the optimization of business processes with SAP ERP. Customers reward performance with trust and new challenging tasks. In every effort to provide content that meets the flexibility and deadlines required by the customer, you will consider your work with us to be a highly satisfactory and exhilarating job.


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